Wednesday, January 21, 2009

here are the long awaited photos...

At ZICRA , it was a blast !

Celine and Carlston

After a tired day, we went to Geylang to have frogs...

carlston and Kugen

gym buddies

Carlston and Alexx


look at their hands, who's is whose?

Daphne,Louise and Wellie

Roland and Susan

Wellie and Shane

dont they look alike?

Oliver's tattoo done by Owen Williams ,Tattoo Magic (Australia)

Alexander's tattoo

Jp is currently tattooing at Paramount

Bob Tyrrell and Carlston

happy with her new machine

men talking...

and talking....

still talking..

and talking..

Susan tattooing Carlston..

Carlston's tattoo in progress...

at Newton...

Carlston snorting tulang

Yummy !

"nice, which part of the animal is this ? "

" you mean we cant smoke here ? "

"sure we can smoke here.. "

......last but not least.... " tattoo is a tradition ! is an art !

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