Monday, December 8, 2008

VISAVAJARA in Singapore

Greetings friends and country men!

It's time for yet another exciting update!

Roland, from Visavajara, Freiburg, Germany will be coming to visit Singapore for the Singapore Tattoo Show '09. He is one of the pioneer body modification artists in the world and will be provided the following body modification procedures:

Subdermal Implants
Microdermals / Dermal Anchorings
Genital Mods
Biopsy punch (cartilage removal)
Scalpel piercing
Tongue Splitting
Enlargement of existing piercings
Subdermal Implants
Microdermals / Dermal Anchorings
Genital Mods
Tongue Splitting
Dermal Anchorings / Microdermals

Please email us at AS SOON AS POSSIBLE to arrange an appointment. Do take note that some of these procedures require prior arrangements. So please contact us early to make arrangements for your appointment!

"The story of Visavajara originated in 1998. At this time we were working at separate studios in Freiburg. We stood in good personal contact and exchanged information regularly regarding our profession.
It was during one of these meetings that the idea to come together was born.
After some initial problems and a complete renovation of the rented premises, we opened on November 7, 1998. The studio met the requirements of professionalism and innovative work that we expected. "

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Dec '08

Shane is back from his European Voyage and will be in Singapore till Febuary 2009, he will be taking tattoo appointments from now till then.

We apologize for the slightly prolonged disappearance from cyberspace! No fear, it was merely a very brief hiatus to recuperated and rejuvenate!!!

Happy Holidays!


Friday, September 19, 2008


Tattoo imagery translated on easel and canvas.

Oil on canvas

More tattoo updates!